How to create an offshore company and how it can help your business ?


Setting up an offshore formation presents numerous advantages to a business; it adds the possibility of lower income tax and benefiting from trade in that offshore settlement. It is an intimidating prospect, as it means you need to undergo thorough research of the tax laws of the country of which you decide to reside in. For every country the requirements are different, whether it is be laws on income tax, company name registration or just the entire process or cost of setting up a company in that jurisdiction.

Below is a short guide on how to set up an offshore formation and will aid you in completing the process efficiently and effectively.

Finding Help

Finding a business consultant that is renowned and reliable is the first and most important step. Any company that is deciding to reside outside its homeland is offered a fast solution by company formation agents to best meet their needs. A reputable formation agent is essential as it will sure all legal aspects are taken care of and that the business is safe and secure when it is set up in an offshore jurisdiction.

Choose a Jurisdiction

First of all you need to select where you would like your new company formation to reside. Whilst are reasons for starting an offshore company may change, the benefits of selecting any given jurisdiction does not. You may want to start an offshore incorporation in order to gain privacy and keep the identity of a shareholder discreet, or you may just want to evade some company tax which is getting the best of your company. You should conduct your own research on the various tax havens around the globe and look into all the legislation to find out what will be suit your company. Once you have conducted your own research it is best to consult a company formation agent and they will help set you up with a selected jurisdiction.

Formulating a business plan

You want to have the same ideas and visions as your company formation agent so it is important to create a business plan before setting up an offshore company. This will not only benefit you, it will also help let the agent what exactly is required from them. Discuss your businesses basic needs, aims and objectives. Your consultant will then take all the required information such as time scale and jurisdiction and will then price you accordingly for these services.

Become incorporated

Now the services required are clearly stipulated, you can now sit back and witness the making off your offshore formation. After completion of the offshore company, you will receive these items:

* Certificate of incorporation

* Government memos

* Original share certificate

* Original government receipt

As a result from becoming incorporated you should receive all of these items.

What an offshore incorporation agent can help you with

Company formation agents can help immensely as they offer support service for your company. These services are:

* Virtual offices

* Opening bank accounts

It would be advised to see what would benefit your business the most and then make a decision based on what your business can afford.


Setting up an offshore company is not as daunting as you may have first thought. An offshore formation agent can make the process simple and fast, making it easy for your company to set up in any jurisdiction you desire. Once you have selected an agent to aid with such a matter, you should research a jurisdiction and then discuss it with your agent.

ICO SERVICES, a major corporate services provider in Europe, help companies start offshore. For more information on how you can set up an Offshore company please visit

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Planning To Get Married — Report

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Could Selena Gomez be changing her name to Selena Bieber in the near future? Well a wedding ‘wouldn’t surprise’ their friends, according to a new report!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez could be walking down the aisle soon. We already know they’ve been talking about having children together in the future, but is Justin, 20, ready to pop the question?

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: 8 Reasons Why They Should Make It Work

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are done with being on-again, off-again lovers or are they? Well we at have put together a gallery giving the two eight reasons why they should just stay together!

Justin Bieber, 20, and Selena Gomez, 21, are head over heals in love with each other right now. So we at have put together a gallery highlighting a couple of reasons why these two should stick it out and see where things go.

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Selena Gomez Shows Butt, Teases ‘Secret Project’ In Sexy New Pic

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Apparently Justin has really brought out the sexy side of Selena! The singer posted a new photo on Instagram in one of her most scandalous outfits ever — and was teasing something super secret!

Selena Gomez‘s pics just keep getting racier and racier. Four days after she posted a nearly-naked pic of herself behind a sheer curtain, she’s now posing in front of a mirror in a sheer-paneled top and boy shorts — and the pic is showing her from the back!

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Selena Gomez: Why She’d Choose Justin Bieber Over Taylor Swift

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Selena shouldn’t have to choose between having Justin as her boyfriend or Taylor as her best friend. However, if  the ‘Come & Get It’  singer were given an ultimatum, she would choose love over friendship, an insider reveals to EXCLUSIVELY.

Taylor Swift has made it clear to her BFF Selena Gomez that if she decides to get back together with bad boy Justin Bieber, Sel can kiss their friendship goodbye. But Selena has already made her decision! She’s in love with the Biebs, and she “doesn’t care what anybody thinks” — including Taylor, “who finds Justin to be one of the worst people she has ever met,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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Justin Bieber: Truth Behind Protests By Neighbors Near His Atlanta Home

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Several protesters gathered near Justin’s home in the upscale Buckhead community during the early morning hours of Feb. 24 but now more shocking truth has just been revealed.

Justin Bieber woke up to reports on Feb. 24 that his new neighbors in Atlanta wanted him gone but don’t get too worried for the Biebs just yet.

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Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez Not Invited To His Big Birthday Bash

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Justin is planning to celebrate his 20th birthday with his closest friends, but his ex Selena will not be one of them! The Biebs is still upset that the ‘Come & Get It’ singer dissed him by hooking up with Niall Horan, and now it’s payback time, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Justin Bieber will be another year older on March 1, but apparently no more mature! The Biebs has gone out of his way to let Selena Gomez know that she is not welcome at his extravagant birthday party. Instead, the birthday boy plans on getting plenty of attention from all of the “hot chicks” he’s inviting to his big bash, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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‘Cheating’ passengers and Government should be more shocking

Originally posted on The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles....:

FAX: Sabahans and Sarawakians short changed

AirAsia Supremo took a really low-blow pot shots against Malaysia Airlines, for the unaudited result of the Q4 of 2013 and the aggregated summary of accounts for the national carrier for YE 2013.

Tony Fernandes expresses shock over MAS’s losses, says aviation industry needs a review

FEBRUARY 19, 2014

Putrajaya needs to review aviation policies as it can’t afford to spend taxpayers’ money on loss-making Malaysia Airlines (MAS) which bled RM1.2 billion last financial year, said Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (pic).

The founder of AirAsia added that he was “shocked” at the amount of losses suffered by MAS.

“The whole aviation industry needs a relook,” he told The Malaysian Insider by phone today.

Saying that the industry’s policies and airline management need to shape up, Fernandes said that MAS and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) have to start churning profits to…

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3 Dead In Plane Crash At Airport In West Georgia

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

LAGRANGE, Ga. (AP) — Three people were fatally injured Saturday when a small plane crashed at an airport in west Georgia.

Two occupants of the plane died on the scene and one died later at a hospital in Columbus, LaGrange Fire Department Lt. Chris Taylor said.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Kathleen Bergen said the twin-engine Beechcraft Baron aircraft crashed at LaGrange-Callaway Airport in LaGrange.

She three people were aboard, adding that local officials would be the ones to release their identities.

The plane was registered to Executive Aircraft Storage LLC based in Peachtree City, according to FAA online records.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating what caused the crash.

Taylor told the LaGrange Daily News the plane nosedived into the ground at 2:07 p.m. He said federal officials would be on the scene all weekend.

The LaGrange newspaper reported that several people at the airport said…

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Third-Generation Murder Suspect Accused Of Killing In Drug Deal Gone Bad

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

CANBY, Ore. (AP) – His grandfather sits on California’s death row, and his father avoided a death sentence by pleading guilty to killing two Oregon girls.

Now Francis Weaver, 31, is one of three men charged with murder in what Canby, Ore., police describe as a drug deal gone bad.

Police allege Weaver and co-conspirators sought to steal drugs last weekend from a Grants Pass man whose car contained 15 pounds of marijuana. The victim, 43-year-old Edward Spangler, was shot in the face and shoulder.

Weaver and the other men, 27-year-old Michael A. Orren and 32-year-old Shannon Bettencourt, were arraigned Tuesday in an Oregon City court. A court clerk said they did not enter pleas and have yet to be assigned attorneys. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for next week.

Weaver’s father, Ward Weaver III, was convicted of aggravated murder in 2004, two years after the bodies of Ashley Pond…

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Man jumps into tiger enclosure in China and asks to be eaten

Originally posted on China Daily Mail:

Man in tiger compound at Chengdu Zoo

Man in tiger compound at Chengdu Zoo

On February 16, horrified onlookers watched as a Chinese man jumped into a bengal tiger enclosure at Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, south-west China.

The man taunted the two tigers for twenty minutes, offering his flesh to them and asking to be eaten.

Despite desperate attempts to enrage the animals, 27-year-old Yang Jinhai escaped with only minor cuts and scratches after one of the tigers dragged him by the back of his clothes. According to onlookers, the other tiger ran away from the commotion as soon as Jinhai jumped into the pen.

Zoo keepers were able to rescue Jinhai after tranquillising the tiger that dragged him. Once questioned by staff, the man said he felt sad for the caged beasts as they were unable to hunt naturally for food. He wanted to improve their conditions by offering himself to them as game.


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Study: Men Develop ‘Mutant Sperm’ As They Get Older

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A new study has found that as men get older, they develop “mutant sperm,” which increases the risk of fathering a child with a genetic disorder.

Researcher Anne Goriely from the University of Oxford lead the study and stated that “like a slow form of cancer, these mutations cause stem cells in the testicles to divide abnormally, resulting in an increasing proportion of mutant sperm as men age and an ever growing chance of a mutant sperm fertilizing an egg,” New Scientist reported.

“It is something that is happening to all men,” Goriely explained. “The effect is subtle but it is real.”

Rare conditions like Apert syndrome, have recently been tied to some of the sperm mutations causing childhood development to falter in things such as fused toes and fingers.  Researchers also believe that the mutations could cause more common disorders like schizophrenia and autism…

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Justin Bieber Secretly Hurting Over Selena Gomez & Niall Horan’s Hookup

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Justin Bieber is playing cool about Niall Horan hooking up with Selena Gomez, but he’s broken up inside. has the EXCLUSIVE details about the Biebs’ reaction to his ex’s ‘on to the next one’ move.

Justin Bieber is not the bad boy he makes himself out to be as evidenced by his brokenhearted reaction to hearing that Selena Gomez hooked up with Niall Horan. Sources close to Justin tell EXCLUSIVELY that Justin might seem cool about it, but the young pop star is really hurting inside.

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Justin Bieber: Truth Behind Shocking Pic Of Him Kissing Another Man

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

A recently surfaced pic of what appears to be Justin kissing another guy has Beliebers totally up in arms, but they may not need to worry after all.

Justin Bieber has been called many things — immature, irresponsible, a deviant — but he certainly isn’t often accused of being gay. That changed when a photograph allegedly of the pop star kissing another man surfaced online. However, before the photo stirs up any more controversy, there are a few things we can clear up.

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Source: 3.3M People Still ‘Relatively Small Proportion Of Population That Should Be Interested’ In Obamacare

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most states are still lagging when it comes to sign-ups under President Barack Obama’s health care law, but an Associated Press analysis of numbers reported Wednesday finds a dozen high-achievers getting ahead of the game.

Huge disparities are emerging in how well states are living up to federal enrollment targets, and that will help determine if the White House reaches its unofficial goal of having 7 million signed up by the end of March, six weeks away.

This embed is invalid

Connecticut is the nation’s top performer, signing up more than twice the number of residents it had been projected to enroll by the end of January. Massachusetts, which pioneered the approach Obama took in his law, is at the bottom of the list, having met only 5 percent of its target.

Six Republican-led states — Florida, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin — are on pace or better. Residents…

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Justin Bieber Responds To Miley Cyrus’ ‘Leno’ Diss: ‘Shut The F–k Up’

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Miley Cyrus had some choice words when it came to Justin Bieber’s legal woes during her Jan. 30 appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ and now sources close to the Biebs are reporting that he’s fuming! Find out about the shocking call Justin made to Miley below.

Justin Bieber is not happy about Miley Cyrus‘ choice to comment on his DUI arrest on The Tonight Show.

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Taylor Swift’s Cute Bob Hairstyle — How To Work It

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Taylor looks chic and adorable with her new hairstyle — we love it! Here’s how you can get her new ‘do to work for you!

Taylor Swift, 24, had quite the audience when she cut her hair backstage at her Feb. 11 concert in London. It looks like she cut about six inches off! It’s always fun learning new ways to style your hair after getting a big makeover. See what product we recommend for Taylor below!

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Amber Heard: Johnny Depp’s Fiancee Glows At Premiere

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Amber channeled a different era at the premiere of her movie ’3 Days to Kill’ in Los Angeles on Feb. 12. With her man on her arm, her hair was chic and sophisticated but had a rocker edge. Get the exact look from her hairstylist below!

Amber Heard andJohnny Depp were cuddling and holding hands on the red carpet, rare PDA from the private couple. Amber looked stunning — and it’s hard to stand out when you’re next to Johnny! Along with a bold red lip, her hair was glamourous with a modern twist. Get the details from her hairstylist below and copy her exact hair for under $20 in products!

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Get Taylor Swift’s Cute Bow Tee For $39 — Shop

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Taylor looks super chic in her Ann Taylor bow tee, and so can you!

Taylor Swift arrived at Los Angeles’ LAX airport from London on Feb. 12 in a classy, feminine ensemble featuring our fave item, a great short-sleeved cotton top embellished with a giant bow at the back of the neck.

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Woman Found Guilty Of Murder After Cutting Friend’s Fetus Out Of Womb

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Julie Corey faces life in prison without parole for murdering her pregnant friend and cutting her baby out of the womb, then passing the baby off as her own. Julie had an emotional breakdown in the courtroom Feb. 12, after hearing the guilty verdict read.

This story is both bizarre and tragic. Julie Corey, 39, has been found guilty of murder after killing her eight-month-pregnant friend, Darlene Hayes, 23. The story doesn’t end there — Julie then cut Darlene’s unborn baby out of her womb and told friends and family the infant girl was her own. Now, Julie faces life in prison without parole for her heinous crime.

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Facebook To Give Users 50 Different Gender Options

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — You don’t have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media giant is adding a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender as well as three preferred pronoun choices: him, her or them.

Facebook said the changes, shared with The Associated Press before the launch on Thursday, initially cover the company’s 159 million monthly users in the U.S. and are aimed at giving people more choices in how they describe themselves, such as androgynous, bi-gender, intersex, gender fluid or transsexual.

“There’s going to be a lot of people for whom this is going to mean nothing, but for the few it does impact, it means the world,” said Facebook software engineer Brielle Harrison, who worked on the project and is herself undergoing gender transformation, from male to female. On Thursday, while watchdogging the software…

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Up Close and Personal- My Miscarriage

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

“About a quarter of pregnant women will miscarry,” my doctor said to me, back in May 2013. I just learned my pregnancy was “abnormal” and my baby wasn’t going to make it. I was two months along.  As you could imagine, I was devastated.

Let me take you back.  Several years ago, my husband Mark and I tried to get pregnant for more than a year but didn’t have any luck.  It was a difficult time for me.  August 2012, I decided to take a break from “trying” just to get my emotions back in order. It was convenient timing because I was also getting ready to make another career move.  Mark respected my decision.   I got back on birth control, landed my dream job at KOVR January 2013 and stopped thinking about getting pregnant for a while.

One early morning in May 2013, I started feeling sharp abdominal pain…

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Ty Burrell: Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Going To ‘Kill It’ At The Oscars

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Ellen is set to host the 2014 Oscars on March 2 and ‘Modern Family’ star, Ty Burrell can’t wait! While at the premiere of his new movie, ‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’ he told us there’s one reason why the Academy asked Ellen back.

Move over Seth MacFarlane, because Ellen DeGeneres is about to show the world why she’s Oscar’s leading lady. The comedian and talk show host will take the Oscar stage for the second time, and Ty Burrell told us at the premiere of his new movie, Mr. Peabody & Sherman that he knows why she’s diving in for round two.

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Worsening Eye Infection Forces Bob Costas Off Olympic Prime Time

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Bob Costas was hoping to pitch a complete game at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

But with an infection that has spread to his other eye, the veteran broadcaster is making a call to the bullpen.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you’re Mariano Rivera — at least tonight,” Costas told Matt Lauer on air Tuesday morning.

Lauer appeared surprised: “So I’m stepping in for you tonight, the master of Olympic prime time?”

The games have taken a back seat at times to other storylines in Sochi, including the double-dose of Costas conjunctivitis.

“I’m walking around and I might as well be playing Marco Polo,” Costas said. “I have no idea where I am.”

This story was originally posted by WFAN’s Boomer and Carton. For more including video commentary, visit

*              *  …

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Selena Gomez Changed Her Number — Avoiding Justin Bieber?

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

It looks like Selena is taking drastic measures to cut off all communication with Justin. The ‘Come and Get It’ singer has even changed her phone number to avoid any unwanted phone calls from her ex, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We’re sorry, Justin Bieber, the number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service. The Biebs got the shock of his life when he called Selena Gomez last week, only to find out that his on-and-off love had changed her cell phone number to avoid him, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

Most high-end SUVs now offer All-Wheel-Drive.   And for increased traction in rain or snow, these are great systems.

But for really playin’ in the mud…for towing your bikes or kayaks down miles of muddy roads…or for real estate agents who have to occasionally go into the “wild”, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is still the real deal.

You can opt for Jeep’s famous “Select Terrain” traction-control system…giving you five modes to choose from…including snow, mud, sand and rock.   Plus Jeep’s Quadra-Lift offers different five height settings.

If you really need to go off road….and occasionally way off road, the Jeep Grand Cherokee should get you there and back with little drama.

Now…as to the level of luxury getting there and back….that depends upon the depth of your wallet.

The six is a solid performer, and is rated at 17 city /24 hwy mpg.    We averaged just a hair over 20.


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Flappy Bird Deleted — Creator Dong Nguyen ‘Cannot Take This Anymore’

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Flappy Bird is the most addictive mobile game since Candy Crush, but if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’ve missed your opportunity… forever!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of silence — the sound of a flap-less world, now that app developer Dong Nguyen has decided to pull his ever-addictive Flappy Bird game from digital shelves forever. Dong shocked the world Feb. 8 by tweeting that users had 22 hours to download the app before it would be permanently deleted, and his reasoning was as simple as it was disturbing: “I cannot take this anymore.”

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Britney Spears Debuts Brunette Makeover — Love Her New Hue? Vote

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Britney goes brunette! Brit ditched her blonde locks in the middle of her ‘Piece of Me’ tour and showed off her new hue on Twitter on Feb. 8. What do you think of her makeover?

Britney Spears, 32, showed off her new brown hair on Twitter on Feb. 8, holding her new “remix” perfume, and writing: “Spice up Valentine’s Day by getting ‘Naughty & Nice’ ((pun intended)) ;)” Tell us what you think of Britney’s new hair color and learn more about her new fragrances below!

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Most Mistaken Landings In Calif. Happen At San Jose International Airport

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Do you know the way to San Jose? Quite a few airline pilots apparently don’t.

On at least 150 flights, including one involving a Southwest Airlines jet last month in Missouri and a jumbo cargo plane last fall in Kansas, U.S. commercial air carriers have either landed at the wrong airport or started to land and realized their mistake in time, according to a search by The Associated Press of government safety databases and media reports since the early 1990s.

A particular trouble spot is San Jose, Calif. The list of landing mistakes includes six reports of pilots preparing to land at Moffett Field, a joint civilian-military airport, when they meant to go to Mineta San Jose International Airport, about 10 miles to the southeast. The airports are south of San Francisco in California’s Silicon Valley.

“This event occurs several times every winter in bad weather when…

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Mariah Carey’s Cleavage Spills Out In Her Most Shocking Dress Ever

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Mariah Carey has never been known for a particularly demure wardrobe, but this may be her most shocking look yet! Mariah’s dress at the BET Honors on Feb. 8 was very nearly a wardrobe malfunction! See below for the sexy pics!

Is there any diva in the game more confident than Mariah Carey? Doubtful. But, why shouldn’t she be? At 43 years old she looks better than ever, and she was absolutely gorgeous at the BET Honors on Feb. 8 in a custom Rubin Singer creation with a neckline so plunging  that it neared wardrobe malfunction territory. Mariah just wouldn’t be herself if she wasn’t pushing the limits!

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Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In An All-In-One Printer

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

If you run a small business, an all-in-one printer is often the way to go. Not only does it save valuable space, but it also makes many tasks much more convenient. In turn, you may even discover that your productivity increases. But with trusted brands offering many different options for all sorts of budgets, how do you begin to choose?

First consider the functions that are most important to you. Most all-in-ones offer copying, faxing, printing, and scanning, but others offer just a few of those functions. Determine your needs, and then narrow down your buying options by considering the options below.

Inkjet Versus Laser Printer

How you plan to use your printer, as well as how often, impacts the choice here. If you’re planning on printing a lot of photos and don’t mind slow printing speeds, opt for an inkjet printer. Replacement ink cartridges are often inexpensive with inkjets…

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Teaching Teens Money Management Basics

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

This article is provided and sponsored by:
ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Stroll the shopping mall during a weekend and you’ll see streams of teenagers. They’re in clothing stores, fast-food restaurants, nail salons, video stores and other shops. They certainly know how to spend money, but do they know the value of money?

Maybe not. A 2007 survey of teens by Charles Schwab & Co. found less than half (40%) are able to budget their money effectively. Only one in three could read a bank statement, balance a checkbook and pay bills. While 45% of the teens surveyed know how to use credit cards, only 26% understand how credit-card rates and fees work.

If you’re the parent of a teen, your son or daughter would benefit from guidance on how to manage their finances. The Schwab survey reveals that most teens (more than 80%) want to learn more about budgeting…

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Caffeine Common In Kids, Young Adults; Mainly Soda

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

CHICAGO (AP) — Nearly 3 out of 4 U.S. children and young adults consume at least some caffeine, mostly from soda, tea and coffee. The rate didn’t budge much over a decade, although soda use declined and energy drinks became an increasingly common source, a government analysis finds.

Though even most preschoolers consume some caffeine-containing products, their average was the amount found in half a can of soda, and overall caffeine intake declined in children up to age 11 during the decade.

The analysis is the first to examine recent national trends in caffeine intake among children and young adults and comes amid a U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation into the safety of caffeine-containing foods and drinks, especially for children and teens. In an online announcement about the investigation, the FDA notes that caffeine is found in a variety of foods, gum and even some jelly beans and marshmallows.

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Katherina Gazda Reveals The Truth About Justin Bieber Dating Rumors

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

On Feb. 9, the same day a report was released claiming that Katherine was having a secret affair with Justin, the up and coming singer took to Twitter to reveal what’s REALLY going on between her and the Biebs.

After Katherine Gazda, an 18-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter, became the third girl in less than a week to be linked to Justin Bieber (he’s already got Selena Gomez and Chantel Jeffries), we figured it wouldn’t take long for her to speak out. And on Feb. 9, she tried to clear the air on Twitter.

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Study: Minimum Alcohol Pricing Would Save Almost 900 Lives Every Year

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, an estimated 88,000 deaths are attributed to excessive alcohol use per year in the United States.

“Excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) annually, or an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death,” researchers also noted on the CDC website.

One solution may have been found through new research – a recent study suggests that instituting minimum pricing for alcohol would save approximately 860 lives each year.

The UK Guardian is reporting that a team at Sheffield University, in South Yorkshire, England, discovered that 29,900 fewer hospital visits would also occur if such a policy were adopted.

Researchers came to their conclusion by putting together a new model that rates how effective such a law would be on those who imbibe the most…

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Justin Bieber: Why He Isn’t Allowed To See Selena Gomez After Rehab

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Selena made a commitment to kick her alleged substance abuse by going to rehab and now that she’s completed her two-week stint, those closest to her have forbidden her from seeing Justin, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Selena Gomez‘s friends and family think Justin Bieber is a bad influence on her, so they’re making sure she stays far away from the Biebs after her time in rehab, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

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The truth must be told: China is the Nazi Germany of the contemporary world order

Originally posted on China Daily Mail:

Xi Jinping and Adolf Hitler

Xi Jinping and Adolf Hitler

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

I refer to Keith Bradsher of the New York Times, “Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China”, February 4 concerning its unabated and continuing aggression on the Asia Pacific region.

To quote from the said article:

“President Benigno S. Aquino III called on Tuesday for nations around the world to do more to support the Philippines in resisting China’s assertive claims to the seas near his country, drawing a comparison to the West’s failure to support Czechoslovakia against Hitler’s demands for Czech land in 1938.

“Like Czechoslovakia, the Philippines faces demands to surrender territory piecemeal to a much stronger foreign power and needs more robust foreign support for the rule of international law if it is to resist, President Aquino said in a 90-minute…

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Hiring: How To Find Candidates Without An HR Department

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

Even the smallest business requires more than just an entrepreneurial leader to make it thrive and grow. Finding motivated, hands-on employees who jive with the company’s vision, and corporate culture, is a key element to ongoing success. But finding, interviewing and hiring the right people takes time and energy you probably don’t have to spare. Even without an HR department, or unending hours to spend on the search, the right employees are out there waiting for you to find them. All you need to know is where to look.

Network with existing contacts

You may be looking for a store clerk, nurse or marketing manager. No matter what job you’re looking to fill, networking via simple word of mouth may be all it takes. Talk to other business owners and individuals whose judgment you trust. Let them know you are looking. Shoot out emails to professionals in your field. Ask…

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s 6 Most Shocking Meltdowns

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

While Justin and Selena have had many great moments in the spotlight, they’ve also each had a few breakdowns that they’d probably like to forget.

It’s a lot harder to be young and beautiful and famous than you’d imagine. Just ask Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the on-again, off-again couple who has had enough public breakdowns in one year to last most people a lifetime.

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Justin Bieber ‘Settling Down’ With Another Girl Amid Selena Drama?

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

And nope, we’re not talking about Chantel Jeffries. Justin’s love triangle may be becoming a square as a new report claims that the singer is thinking about settling down with another brunette. So who is she?

Wow, how many girls does Justin Bieber have in his life?! Though a reunion with Selena Gomez is still in the cards, and Chantel Jeffries has been by his side for the past few weeks, a new report claims that Justin actually has his sights set on getting serious with another young woman.

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Justin Bieber ‘Settling Down’ With Another Girl Amid Selena Drama?

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And nope, we’re not talking about Chantel Jeffries. Justin’s love triangle may be becoming a square as a new report claims that the singer is thinking about settling down with another brunette. So who is she?

Wow, how many girls does Justin Bieber have in his life?! Though a reunion with Selena Gomez is still in the cards, and Chantel Jeffries has been by his side for the past few weeks, a new report claims that Justin actually has his sights set on getting serious with another young woman.

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Republicans Consider Mini-Bailouts For Hospitals Without Obamacare Funds

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ATLANTA (AP) — Republican governors scored easy political points by rejecting President Barack Obama’s plan to enroll more poor people in government health insurance.

Now Republican leaders in Georgia and Mississippi may be bailing out hospitals that will lose funding they would have gotten from Obama’s health care law. South Carolina’s leaders increased payments to some hospitals in a push to improve rural health, though the extra money likely placated hospital officials who might otherwise have pressured Republicans to adopt the Democratic plan.

The basic problem is simple: Obama’s overhaul is not being implemented as was planned. Its designers assumed that very few people would lack health insurance, meaning the U.S. government could reduce the payments it makes to hospitals for treating poor and uninsured patients. But after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, 25 states refused to expand their government-funded Medicaid programs or are still debating it, leaving large numbers…

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East China Sea: What Do China and Japan Really Want?

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Even if China retakes the Senkaku/Diaoyu, it does not mean that Xi can claim a victory of national rejuvenation.

Even if China retakes the Senkaku/Diaoyu, it does not mean that Xi can claim a victory of national rejuvenation.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

The diplomatic standoff between China and Japan is drifting in the direction of military conflict.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2014, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made an explicit analogy between the current Sino-Japanese rivalry and what had happened between Great Britain and Germany before World War I.

A coming conflict between China and Japan in the East China Sea would seem to be a matter of not if but when, should this kind of vicious provocation continue.

Knowing what China and Japan really want from the East China Sea dispute is the prerequisite for any meaningful efforts in maintaining peace in the region. The U.S. should help…

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Kristen Stewart Admits She Tried To ‘Own’ Robert Pattinson?

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In a brand new interview, K-Stew opens up, admitting that she made some mistakes in her relationship with Rob by trying too hard to control things.

After having nearly nine months to think about her May 2013 breakup with Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart seems to have gained a little perspective and come to the realization that she tried too hard to live happily ever after with R-Patz.

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Father’s Death Postpones Commitment Ceremony

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The Browns suffer their second family tragedy in two months. Watch a clip from this week’s heartbreaking episode.

Kody Brown has never been shy about his love for his wives — all four of them — so it’s no surprise he’s decided to throw a massive commitment ceremony on TLC’s Sister Wives. Unfortunately, an unexpected family crisis on the Feb. 9 episode forces the Browns to put aside their plans.

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Evelyn Lozada Shows Off Huge Baby Bump At Extravagant Shower

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She looks ready to pop! The ‘Basketball Wives’ star’s family and best friends threw her an amazing baby shower on Feb. 8, and she went all out celebrating and flaunting her growing bump. See the pics below!

Evelyn Lozada had herself an extravagant baby shower on Feb. 8, full of gifts, dancing, and dress-up. But what we were really stunned to see is how big the Basketball Wives star’s baby bump has gotten! Wow!

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Rihanna & Drake Acted Like A Couple On Club Date — Eyewitness

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Rihanna and Drake have been leaving clubs separately for weeks, but their secret’s out — during their last night out together on Feb. 7, an eyewitness tells EXCLUSIVELY that it totally looked like they were boyfriend-girlfriend.

Have Rihanna and Drake gone from just casually hooking up to dating? An eyewitness who saw the two stars out together at Hooray Henry’s in Los Angeles, Calif. on Feb. 7 tells exclusively that they really seem like a couple now.

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