Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction — Flashes Her Thong On ‘American Idol’

Hollywood Life

Oh no! The judge showed off a lot more than she bargained for in her low jeans. Is her ‘American Idol’ malfunction totally mortifying or is it really no big deal?

Nicki Minaj is always daring to drop it low and she gave a whole new meaning to the term on the April 18 episode of American Idol, when the 31-year-old star gave us a glimpse of her G-string when she bent over to greet Paula Abdul! While Nicki makes no apologies for her bold behavior on the show, I wonder if she feels any remorse for her flashy wardrobe malfunction.

Nicki Minaj ‘American Idol’ Wardrobe Malfunction — Flashes Thong:

The “Va Va Voom” singer certainly isn’t shy when it comes to flashing some skin, but sometimes her risky moves wind up leaving her very exposed! Ms. Minaj started her own trend of famous peep shows, which began…

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