Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards’ Adorable PDA Pic Revealed

Hollywood Life

Zayn and Perrie are definitely one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples and maybe even the cutest too. Adorable selfies of the couple recently made their way onto Instagram showing the stars making super funny faces together. Who wouldn’t want a love like Zayn & Perrie’s!

Like two peas in a pod! Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have one of the most beautiful relationships in Hollywood. The couple’s love is undeniable especially with the release of these extremely adorable photos that surfaced on Instagram.

Perrie Gets Past Zayn’s Cheating Scandal

Perrie posted a couple of these silly selfies to her Instagram account that show her and her gorgeous boyfriend making duck faces, blowing kisses, and sticking out their tongues. They’re so in love!

It’s great that the two have such a strong relationship because if they didn’t Zayn’s cheating scandal could have taken a devastating toll on them. Zayn was accused of cheating on his singing girlfriend in…

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