Devious Maids: A Mess of Stereotypes? Or a Tidy Solution to TV’s Lack of Diversity?


devious-maids-300Already, the women of Devious Maids have got a mess to clean up.

Just days before the new Lifetime series is set to premiere (this Sunday at 10/9c), a few eyebrows have raised about the Latina stereotypes the show might be portraying.

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Based on the Mexican telenovela Ellas Son La Alegría Del Hogar (They Are the Joy of Home), Devious Maids follows four Latina housekeepers who work for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills while harboring dreams and ambitions of their own. One Huffington Post columnist called the series a “wasted opportunity” to diversify Latin women on television, saying: “The minute-long trailer manages to efficiently portray Latinas as hypersexual, nosy, scheming and, at times, totally invisible domestic servants, one set of pushed-up breasts, devilishly squinted eyes and sassy hair flip at a time.”


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