Devious Maids Recap: Notes on a Scandal


DEVIOUS MAIDS RECAPUntil scientists come up with a cure for what Office Space so brilliantly dubbed as “A Case of the Mondays,” we may have to settle for a prophylactic dose of Susan Lucci dropping hilarious one-liners on Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

So what if her every line and action as Beverly Hills maven Genevieve Delatour has been done on at least a dozen prior TV shows or movies? Lucci somehow makes fresh — or at least so uproarious, you don’t notice a lack of freshness — moments like warning her sexy young maid that she’s called dibs on the gardener, topped with a breezy “I’ve been priming that pump since the day he trimmed my hibiscus!”

If that’s not your cup of Crystal Light, fair enough. For the rest of you, let’s recap the action surrounding our five central characters:

* MARISOL | Our undercover housekeeper once had a maid of…

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