Muslim Convert To Christianity Admit: In Boko Haram We Butchered Christians And Drank Their Blood

The Muslim Issue

former boko haram Nasir-Isiaku

Nigeria: the dreadful confession of the Boko Haram Islamist who converted to Christianity

This confession by Isiaku Nazir, 27, who was in the fierce bloody militant Islamist movement Boko Haram, is a particularly striking example of the havoc on the souls of an inhuman ideology, but also the work of grace as Nazir Isiaku … as the good thief of the Gospel, one day passed from darkness to light by becoming a Christian … A long document, documented, but of great interest to read and ponder … [fr ThundraTabloids]

“Our teachers taught us that the more we kill the Christians, the more we are likely to enter the paradise of God” (Alijonan).

I joined the Bafarawa Islamic Center in 2010, where we followed the Arabic language. Each year, twenty of our members stayed in Iran where our headquarters is to follow a special training. Our group was called – and still call – Shiitte,

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