(Video) Shiite ‘Soldiers and Spies’ Executed In Levant and Iraq

The Muslim Issue

U.S. presence in Iraq broke down the entire police and security structure of the country in George W’s stupid and mindless war. This is why the west must never interfere in their politics, or with money, military, weapons, or taking sides in that part of the world. Interference does not reduce or control them. It only makes their extremist organizations grow bigger and bigger and spread wider as it disintegrates border controls and security. Muslim countries (the entire Muslim world) must be frozen out by the non-Muslim world from all trade, travels, investments, and basically sanctioned and left on their own to get rid of the problem. This is the only way to contain this nasty and dangerous situation.

If Muslims are proud and willing to treat each other like in the video clip below, what do you think is coming for you by supporting mass immigration of Muslims, asylum…

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