Edmonton man jailed after killing mother’s Shih Tzu-pug cross and sending photos to girl he wanted to date

National Post | News

Warning: Graphic detail

EDMONTON — An 19-year-old Edmonton man who killed his mother’s dog and sent photos of it to a girl hoping to impress her has been sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Branden Chailler went on a vandalism spree in the early hours of Dec. 4, 2012 after brutally killing his family’s Shih Tzu-pug cross. Chailler pleaded guilty earlier this month to mischief, break and enter, and unlawfully killing a dog.

According to an agreed statements of facts, Chailler slit the dog’s throat and then eviscerated it in a bedroom of his mother’s east-Edmonton home. He fled after spreading blood around the house and using a hammer to damage walls, tables and a television.

Chailler then smashed a window at an RV yard, broke into the nearby Winterburn Elementary School and destroyed several mirrors and windows, vandalized two trucks parked outside a residence and broke into a detached garage…

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