Israel bolsters defences amid signs U.S. preparing Syrian strike

National Post | News

Israel’s military bolstered its defences near the northern border and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against any retaliatory attack on his country amid signs the U.S. is preparing to strike Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

The moves come as Iran vows to retaliate to any strikes on Syria with an attack on Israel.

“In case of a U.S. military strike against Syria, the flames of outrage of the region’s revolutionaries will point toward the Zionist regime,” Iranian MP Mansur Haqiqatpur told the Fars news agency.

With talk of war escalating, the prime minister sought to reassure Israelis they were in safe hands. “There is no reason not to follow routine,” Netanyahu said in an emailed statement on Wednesday. “At the same time, we are preparing for any scenario. The Israeli military is ready to protect the people of Israel and to respond forcefully against any threat.”


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