Lawyer who infamously abandoned $200K Ferrari in Toronto flood gets ‘very generous’ deal on new sports car

National Post | News

A Toronto lawyer who infamously abandoned his Ferrari during the city’s July floods, is getting a “very generous” deal on a new car after Ferrari caught wind of the media attention.

Howard Levitt’s Ferrari, sitting in rising waters at the Lower Simcoe Street underpass, became a viral sensation during the July 8 storm. Mr. Levitt was forced to abandon his metallic blue “north of $200,000” 2010 Ferrari California after he got stuck in sewage-filled waters while on his way to the airport.

The Buicks weren’t being covered

“Why was it this car of so many cars that were lost in the flood [that gained attention] that night? It’s because it’s the ultimate fantasy vehicle in so many people’s minds and it reinforced that image I think,” said Mr. Levitt in an interview with the National Post Wednesday.

“The Buicks weren’t being covered,” he said jokingly.

The car was completely written…

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