Maple-bacon jam source of Cronut Burger illness outbreak at CNE: Toronto Public Health

National Post | News

When dozens of CNE patrons fell ill after eating the now-infamous cronut burger, some observers rushed to blame the hamburger patties that came served between two slices of the croissant-doughnut hybrid.

But the culprit wasn’t the lowly burger.

On Tuesday, Toronto Public Health officials confirmed the ingredient that induced violent, gastrointestinal issues for almost 80 patrons was a maple bacon jam supplied by a chic Toronto patisserie that also provided the cronuts to the vendor, Epic Burger and Waffles.

Health officials said lab results on the burger showed traces of Staphylococcus aureus toxins in the jam, manufactured by Le Dolci, a Toronto “foodie studio” bent on dispensing “fun, foodie education and fabulous sweet treats” through private baking lessons and pricey eating tours in Paris, northern Italy and San Francisco.

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Of the many baking classes on offer (about $80 for two hours), one advertises that it will teach pupils…

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