Metro Detroit Plant Starts Pumping Out American Made Ford Fusions

CBS Sacramento

By Jeffery Gilbert, CBS Detroit

FLAT ROCK, MI — (WWJ) One of Ford’s most popular vehicles, that has been made in Mexico, is now also being made in the USA.

“Fusions are now rolling off the line here at Flat Rock Assembly,” said Ford President of the America’s Joe Hinrichs at a Thursday morning celebration of the ceremonial first Fusion to roll off of the assembly line at the Flat Rock Plant, just south of Detroit.

Fusions are being built on the assembly line along with the Ford Mustang. The additional production has meant a new shift, and 1,400 new jobs.

“I think it’s great to see jobs come back to the USA,” said worker Jim Freese, who’s been with Ford 26 years.

Worker George Bollinger has been on the job just two and a half weeks. He’s hoping that he can make a career in the auto industry.

“We’ve gone through…

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