Australian Political Candidate Files Charges After Receiving Death Threats From a Muslim Man to Include Beheading and Rape

sharia unveiled

Australia - Mike Holt

Mike Holt has received death threats via his Facebook account.  Photo by: Darryn Smith

by,  Patrick Williams | The Sunshine Coast Daily

Australia:  One Nation candidate Mike Holt wants a man who made death threats against him over Facebook charged with hate speech.

Mr Holt, who is running for the seat of Fairfax, received several threats from a man who identified himself as Muslim on his public page, Mike Holt One National Fairfax Candidate.

The threats, made on Thursday and Friday, made mentions of rape and beheading those who insulted Islam.

One comment read: “I swear this bloke won’t last. Someone will get you out there. You can’t hide for ever Mike. Come meet me in Bankstown.  Just tell me you talk but can you face a Muslim?  You’re a weak dog with no guts.  Keep talking behind your screen, someone will grab you sooner or later.”

Other comments were…

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