Edmonton mother who drowned son, 7, told family she fantasized about killing her child before alleged murder

National Post | News

Nerlin Sarmiento told her family she had dark thoughts about killing her two children.

The 32-year-old had been in and out of hospital and was on medication for depression and possible bipolar disorder. So, in late 2012, her mother started spending nights at the family’s Edmonton apartment to help look after the kids. Sarmiento’s husband thought they would be safe.

But on Feb. 12, after her husband and mother left for work, Sarmiento sent her 10-year-old daughter off to school and started filling the bathtub with water.

Seven-year-old Omar Jajoy had been sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and finishing his homework.

I have been sick, my mind plays with me

Court documents show his mother shoved him into the bathroom, pushed him into the tub, got into the water herself and held his small head down while he thrashed in the water.

After he stopped moving, she called…

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