The Islamic Curriculum Taught in the Metro Nashville Tennessee Public School System

sharia unveiled

In God We Trust 2 (revised)

The following is a copy of the curriculum being taught in the Metro Nashville Tennessee Public School System.

It is entitled:  Presentation: Islam and Muslims 101

by,  Jeger Ali and Zied Guizani

Islam and Muslims 101 - 1Islam and Muslims 101 - 2Islam and Muslims 101 - 3Islam and Muslims 101 - 4Islam and Muslims 101 - 5Islam and Muslims 101 - 6Islam and Muslims 101 - 7Islam and Muslims 101 - 8Islam and Muslims 101 - 9Islam and Muslims 101 - 10Islam and Muslims 101 - 11Islam and Muslims 101 - 12Islam and Muslims 101 - 13

What a bunch of sanitized garbage and lies.  It is not permitted to teach Judaism/Judeo-Christianity but they can brainwash our children with this Islamic indoctrination.

Would “you” like to share your thoughts on the Islamic indoctrination of our nation’s youth with the Metro Nashville Public School Board?

Here is their Contact Information:


Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
2601 Bransford Ave
Nashville, TN 37204

615-259-INFO (4636)

Contact Our Customer Service Center

Contact the Communications Department

ADA Compliance Coordinator:

Henry R. Flenory
2601 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN. 37204
(O): 615-259-8531 / (Fax): 615-214-8890
(TTY): 800-848-0298

Editorial Footnote:  We believe that the Islamic Organization where we accessed this information deleted their files once they started receiving thousands…

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