Kidnapped in Syria: Insurgent with British Accent Admitted Gas Attack in Syria

The Muslim Issue

Another pathetic western socialist running around to the Middle East supporting terrorists, imagining they are some kind of James Dean rebels. These libtards are simply unfathomable. They can only learn the hard way. At least these two survived to tell their story. Why doesn’t the medical community do some psychological research on these people? If people like this had any grasp of the complexity and lies in endless Arab disputes and brutality, they would not arrange absurd Gaza flotillas, FSA support groups and back brutal people who are willing to murder their own children for the most trivial reasons.

The Syrian conflict is a Sunni motivated attack on Shia muslims, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan. They also aim to exterminate all non-Sunni minorities. The Arabs drag their trade allies, U.S., France and UK into the conflict, trying to lure the West to do their dirty work for…

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