Documentary: American Jihadi – Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

The Muslim Issue

Omar Shafik Hammami nicknamed Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki was an American Muslim terrorist, born in Daphne Alabama, who was killed in 2013 as a ‘martyr’ in Somalia. 

Again we see the same format shaping an American home grown terrorist that we see for other islamic terrorists: an obsession with Islam. An obsession to the Islamic Hadith and Sirath, because these are the main passages that call for Muslims to admire and aspire to be martyrs. An admiration and careless justification to hate and murder other people, and rather than perceive it as contemptible, they learn to perceive it as rewarding by an authority far beyond the human.

Pay attention at 20.08 in the video when a Muslim shop-keeper in hometown is asked if he recognizes him. He then states that Hammami is viewed as a hero and that Americans should ask themselves why he is willing to oppose his own country…

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