‘They’re a menace to society’: 100 Somalis rally in Toronto to condemn Al-Shabab in wake of Kenya attack

National Post | News

The Somali-Canadian radio host behind a rally held Thursday to condemn Al-Shabab said the community could not remain silent in the wake of the Nairobi shopping mall attack that left more than 60 dead.

In the heart of the Toronto neighborhood that is home to many ethnic Somalis, about 100 people gathered to show they stood by Kenyans following the Westgate Mall siege and wanted Al-Shabab to be eliminated.

We cannot be silent and go without making condemnation

“We cannot be silent and go without making condemnation. It’s the first time for the community to make this kind of effort so it’s a good thing,” said organizer Hassan Abdillahi of Radio Ogaal, a popular Somali-language FM station. “It’s to help the community and get together in solidarity and condemn all the terror acts — and everywhere, actually, not only for Kenya.”

Already wary of Al-Shabab over its efforts to recruit…

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