Toronto’s new $594-million ultra-modern jail features ‘fresh air’ rooms, flat-screen TVs

National Post | News

The province on Thursday flung open the doors to the Toronto South Detention Centre, a new facility slated to begin accepting prisoners within weeks. In advance of public tours this weekend, the Corrections Ministry guided a throng of journalists through several areas of the $594-million jail, which will house 1,650 inmates. The National Post‘s Megan O’Toole pulls out the tour highlights.


Walking into Toronto South, visitors are surrounded by glass in an ultra-modern, high-ceilinged lobby. The facility becomes more prison-like the further one travels through its labyrinthine corridors, but there remains a stark stylistic difference between Toronto South and Ontario’s older jails, such as the notorious Don, which is being decommissioned and its prisoners shipped here. Communal living areas are bright and spacious, with “fresh air” rooms in each cell block — concrete-floored spaces with basketball hoops and windows where outside air filters through a crisscross…

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