A.U.T.U.M.N !!!

Autumn Break Oct 2013

Great day, great time…..when Im surrounded by great people. Yesterday turned out to be one of my fantastic day with full of surprises.
This morning I woke up in a total peace with who I am and I realized you’ve made me who I am today. Life isn’t about finding yourself BUT it’s about creating yourself. I am so lucky to have a real people around me, people who know how to appreciate and respect each other.

” I am feeling the love from all around.”



14 thoughts on “A.U.T.U.M.N !!!

  1. VC says:

    Not directly, after Milan has to be back and forward between Hkg-Sin-Kul a few times in Dec then back to Europe for another tvc shoot and runways. Meet up there after the wedding ok.
    Wish I could be there too with the rest, was it a nice island?
    Miss you so much my barbie xo

    • Julia A R says:

      we can party in Dec for the wedding, KL,Sin. Dec sounds interesting and continue to Europe. Work and holiday, a perfect life;)

  2. Luke says:

    Everytime I think of you, I get the biggest smile on my face and you still don’t understand or may be on purpose you ignore me 😦

  3. Jimmy says:

    Julia’s plan sounds good, your return tickets can extend. Finish all your tour then we all meet up after your London. Too bad I wasnt there with you guys but see you at the wedding. Miss you bunches xoxo

  4. Daniel Lars says:

    wish you could stay another day with us:( Feeling sad to let you go , I wish a miracle call come and say your flight will be cxl this afternoon πŸ˜‰ I wish.

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