China developing 180,000-ton double-hull aircraft carrier

China Daily Mail said in its report yesterday: China has to put an end to its old practice of following others countries’ footsteps.

Sources say that through meticulous engineering and mechanical analysis, China will conduct research and development of the first 180,000-ton double hullaircraft carrier in the world.

If successful, it will be a movable Chinese territory with maritime hegemony.

It will have a huge capacity, capable of carrying 125 J-20fighter jets enough to destroy any existing aircraft carrier in the world.

Sources say that China conducts research into a 180,000-ton double hull aircraft carrier because compared with a monohull aircraft carrier, it has exceptional advantages.

A double hull carrier may have two identical runways for simultaneous taking off and landing.

In addition the diagonal runway on the existing Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is too short to be free of the risk of crash.

Source: “China secretly researching and developing…

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