Study: Dieting Demands From Parents Can Create Teen Eating Disorders

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) — Parents’ attitudes about dinnertime, and about food in general, can have a large impact on their children’s eating habits.

A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health finds that many teenagers have a negative attitude, psychopathology about food consumption learned from their parents. And eating disorders are often something found to develop during the teenage years.

“A parent who says, ‘You’re not leaving the table until you eat that vegetable’ creates a negative atmosphere at mealtimes,” lead author Emma Haycraft, Ph.D. of the Centre for Research into Eating Disorders at Loughborough University in the UK told “That can also teach the child to ‘override’ natural feelings of fullness.”

Excessive control over both female and male teenagers’ eating habits was tied to eating disorder symptomatology. The study suggests that parents should be have involvement in making sure their teen is eating healthy food…

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