The Only Remaining Jewish Synagogue in Indonesia Has Been Destroyed and Only 20 Jews Remain

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Indonesia last Synagogue destroyed 1

The Surabaya synagogue, on the island of Java, Indonesia (photo credit: @najibnet via Twitter/File)

Just 20 Jews remain in the world’s largest Muslim nation, and it’s not clear who demolished their last house of worship, Java’s Beith Shalom.

by,  JTA AND TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF | The Times of Israel

Indonesia’s last synagogue has been destroyed, a Dutch news site reported.

Unidentified persons demolished the Beith Shalom synagogue in Surabaya on the island of Java to its foundations sometime earlier this year, according to a report on

The synagogue has seen a number of anti-Israel protests staged in front of it and was sealed by Islamic hardliners sealed in 2009, according to the Jakarta Globe.

Reports suggesting the synagogue’s destruction have appeared in Indonesian media since May but were confirmed last week by the, which quoted the director of the Surabaya Heritage Society as saying that he intended to…

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