Call Kurtis: I Turned In My Old License Plates, Why Did The DMV Suspend My License?

CBS Sacramento

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A Davis woman says the DMV suspended her license and it all has to do with where she turned in her old New York license plates.

It was time to call Kurtis.

Some states force you to turn in your license plates when you move out of state.

New York is one of them. But where she turned in her plates has caused quite a mess, stripping her of her driver’s license.

Forced to bike 12 miles a day to work, Robin Stears says a misunderstanding caused the suspension of her California driver’s license.

“I was horrified, it’s got to be a mistake.  I have no points on my license, I have no tickets, no violations, perfectly clean,” said Robin.

Robin soon realized it was because she didn’t return her New York license plates to New York’s DMV when she moved here last year.


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