Folsom Leaders Vote To Crack Down On Sutter Street Rowdiness

CBS Sacramento

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FOLSOM (CBS13) — City leaders hope they’ve found a solution to neighbors’ complaints about the late-night noise along Sutter Street in historic Folsom.

A Tuesday night vote now gives them the option to declare Sutter Street an entertainment district. That would give the city more control over the types of events that bars and restaurants can hold and when those events can happen.

As the sun goes down in the city, the volume goes up inside the bars along Sutter Street, and some neighbors have complained about the ruckus raised by patrons.

“There is noise and there is trash,” said one neighbor.

Another neighbor said, “They throw beer bottles out, take a leak on the lawn.”

In the past two years, partiers have made a little history of their own.

From May 2011 to May 2013 there have been:

115 Disturbing the Peace/Drunk in Public,

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