Meat Thieves Swipe Nearly $7,000 Of Food From Auburn Salvation Army

CBS Sacramento

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AUBURN (CBS13) — Two men stole more than 300 pounds of meat from a Salvation Army freezer, and tried stashing it in a cold-storage facility, Auburn Police say.

Salvation Army Lt. Justin Docherty was devastated when he found out the meat was missing.

“I thought it was gone for good,” he said.

More than 300 pounds of frozen meat, worth nearly $7,000, was missing from the organization’s walk-in freezer.

Investigators didn’t want to disclose just how they managed to find the meat, citing an ongoing investigation. But they said they were led to a cold-storage facility in Penryn where they made the surprising find.

“Through a little bit of luck, a little bit of investigation we were able to find the meat,” Det. Sgt Dale Hutchins said.

They’d also catch up to Jeffrey Holzman and charge him with burglary. They say that his accomplice, who…

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