Faces Of Islam: 12 Photos

The Muslim Issue

There is no punishment for the crimes Muslim men committed against the women in the pictures. Sharia is focused on strictest punishment for women, and the poor. To the rich and influential the law is more lenient. What sane human bring will DEFEND an ideology like this?

This is Islam. This is Islam and it’s endorsement and freedom to abuse and use women as they please, with no boundaries.

Over 70% of terrorism is committed by Sunni Muslims and over 90% of terrorist acts are committed in Muslim countries, by Muslims killing other Muslims. Muslim countries are 100% male dominated and ruled. It should give us a hint what a male dominated society entails and turns into. So you can imagine all other barbaric brutalities they are engaged in at large on a daily basis. These men are completely diabolic.

This barbarity is the after-effect of 14 centuries of singular…

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