Strangers Helping Search For Larry, The Dog Lost By Air Canada

CBS Sacramento

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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — Kathy Willman has never met Larry the Italian greyhound or his handler, Jutta Kulic. But she’s spent the last several days searching for the lost greyhound

“I had like a meltdown, literally,” she said.

Willman is one of many strangers out looking for Larry after he escaped when an Air Canada cargo worker let him out of his crate on Monday.

Willman happens to work at SFO. She says an Air Canada cargo manager told her that Larry ran across the street and into a parking lot near Highway 101.

“I told my boss I have to leave,” she said. “I can’t stay and work when I know there’s a dog running around this place, because there’s like big trucks, airplanes, buses.”

Kulic told CBS13 on Thursday that she instructed Air Canada workers not to let Larry out of his crate.

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