Canada’s best restroom? This luxurious lavatory could transform the image of the dreaded gas station loo

National Post | News

Granite countertops polished to a high shine. Travertine tile floors, sparkling stainless steel fixtures, chandeliers and heated floors and solid alder wood doors and a delightful smell, a scent of freshness, the fragrance of a welcoming space that has been buffed and scrubbed and loved and that speaks to all those who enter: “Come on in, why don’t you, and stay a while.”

And some women do stay a while, while other women take pictures, while still more gush a thank you to the staff at the Valleyview Shell Superstation, in Valleyview, Alta., for all they have given to them. Which, in a word, is the most serene gas station ladies’ washroom quite possibly anywhere — and quite probably ever.

“It is a spa feeling, you walk in and it just has a wow factor — it is a total wow,” says Silvia Barks, a supervisor at Valleyview, her voice…

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