Five things to know about aerial surveillance in wake of reports Toronto police used a Cessna to track Rob Ford

National Post | News

In this occasional feature, the National Post tells you everything you need to know about a complicated issue. Today, Megan O’Toole examines police aerial surveillance techniques, in the wake of reports that Toronto police used a Cessna to track Mayor Rob Ford and his associates.

Do we know that police followed the mayor around in a plane?

Toronto police will not comment on the reports about Mayor Ford and the Cessna, which began with a story in the Toronto Star stating that investigators used the aircraft to “follow Ford and other people in Etobicoke.” The mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, initially substantiated the claim, saying he saw a police plane conducting surveillance over their mother’s home for five days in August — only to backtrack days later, saying he was “mistaken” and “it could have been the media.” Const. Sarah Diamond declined to clarify when and how Toronto police use…

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