Iran declares ’red line’ over its uranium stockpile as Israel stresses need to keep up pressure on Tehran

National Post | News

Iran said it would not bow to demands Sunday to ship its uranium stockpile abroad before key talks over its nuclear program.

Officials expect the long-running nuclear diplomacy surrounding Iran to be reinvigorated by a new Iranian negotiating team that has signalled its readiness to seek a breakthrough.

Iranian representatives are expected to offer a plan at talks in Geneva that begin tomorrow which could result in the mothballing of most of its nuclear facilities and substantial parts of its uranium stockpile put up for negotiation.

In return Iran would demand significant easing of sanctions that have shrunk its economy, reduced oil revenues and driven up inflation. “We expect the Iranians to come forward with a new set of measures that create a different environment and different atmosphere,” a European official said. “That is the message they have given us. We are not going to Geneva with anything new but…

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