Call Kurtis: I Can’t Collect My Money Earned From My Online Videos

CBS Sacramento

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You can make money from your posting your videos online!

But when a Vacaville viewer couldn’t collect the hundreds he earned, it was time to call Kurtis.

He signed up with Google AdSense, which allows Google to place ads on your website.

The more hits you get on your site, the more money you make.

But this guy says Google couldn’t help him get his own money.

In his 10th year of producing cable access shows, Vinnie Langdon has interviewed a number of celebrities, some before they became famous.

“Three boys walked up to me and they’re like hey you’re from the Vinnie Langdon show, can you film us?” said Vinnie.

Turns out, these boys were The Jonas Brothers.

He’s uploaded his videos to YouTube.

And since signing up for Google AdSense in 2007, which pays money based on your web clicks, he’s earned $640.

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