Your Daily Muslim: Yusuf Yola

Your Daily Muslim

Nigeria is best known for its email scammers, Boko Haram Islamist militants, and, uhh… not much else. However, the African nation recently generated quite a lot of buzz for a bizarre Islamic ruling coming out of the sharia-controlled Kano state. The Hizbah board, basically a bunch of men who dress in weird robes and pretend it’s the seventh century, debates, legislates, and organizes enforcement of Islamic rulings for the state. Yusuf Yola (not to be confused with #YOLO), a member of the board, recently spoke about a pressing issue that had come to the board’s attention.

Rather than attempting to address Islamist violence against Christians in Nigeria, Yola and the board decided that taxi drivers were a bigger problem. Why? Because many of them wear tank tops and shorts, which is considered “indecent” under sharia. Yola and the board also said that any cabbie or motorized rickshaw driver caught giving…

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