Call Kurtis: How Even Responsible Credit Card Owners Can Get Canceled

CBS Sacramento

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ELK GROVE (CBS13) — So you pay your credit cards on time and never go over the limit.

But after hearing from an Elk Grove viewer Call Kurtis learned even customers with good credit histories can have their credit cards canceled.

Ken Sherkasi said Chase canceled all four of his credit cards at the same time.

He said he’s done nothing wrong. So why would they do that?

Living his dream, Ken Sherkasi owns Soccer City in Elk Grove.

He used four Chase rewards credit cards to keep his store stocked.

“I just call them up and I say, ‘Put them on this card,'” he said.

He said he pays the cards off each month, has never gone over his limit and says his credit report is clean.

So why did Chase bank close all four of his cards in August saying “transactions on your…

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