The Islamist Trojan Horse


by Ali Salim

With every Middle East country at each other’s throat, the Arab-Muslim world is uncertain of its fate. Some of its totalitarian regimes were toppled in the so-called Arab Spring but they have yet to be replaced by stable governments; the battle for the future of the Middle East is still being fought. The real question is whether the young people, representatives of moderate Islam and secular Arabs who initiated the Arab Spring, will be able to keep the region from being taken over by Islamists seeking to promote their own agendas, and to prevent it from being engulfed by a fundamentalist form of Islam.

Radical Islam may have been weakened but it is still a force. The revolution of the young reformists against the Shah of Iran was exploited by the Shi’ite Ayatollahs to take control of Iran. Turkey’s democratic government was overthrown as Erdogan established himself…

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