Meet Joseph, The Christian Slave Who Designed ‘The Most Magnificient Mosques’ In Islamic History

The Muslim Issue

Joseph, the Orthodox Greek Christian slave snatched from his parents as a child, and forcefully converted to Islam. In this oppressive condition he was given the name Mimār Koca Sinān.

The Muslims “outsourced” their skills then as much as they outsource now in lack of any authentic knowledge, inventions or skills of their own. Here goes another fabled theory about Islamic inventions brought to a ‘backward’ Europe. For many years historians have claimed muslims created some of the most impressive architecture in history. They in fact, created nothing. Facts are changing these fantasies as more and more lost pieces of history are floating to the surface. 

Islam’s discoveries and contributions to the world were nothing else but acquisitions from brutal militant force and occupation and came from booty. The Islamic rule only existed like a parasite on the looted wealth, inventions, progress, evolvement and slave labor of it’s original…

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