Man Beats His Wife and Sets Her on Fire Because She Asked for Money to go Shopping

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Woman on Fire 8

On seeing the people approach, both of them fled leaving the woman burning. PHOTO: FILE

By Shamsul Islam | The Express Tribune – Pakistan

FAISALABAD, Pakistan:  A woman was burned allegedly by her husband and his brother following an argument over eidi.

She was taken to a hospital, where doctors said that she would likely survive.

Both the alleged assailants fled the crime scene.

Ghulam Muhammadabad police quoted the woman as saying that she had been asking her husband Muhammad Aslam for eidi. She said he had been ignoring her since Eid day.

On Friday, she said, she planned to go shopping with some women in the neighbourhood and asked Aslam for Rs5,000 eidi again. This time, she said, he leaped at her and grabbed her by the hair and beat her.

He then called his brother, Muhammad Akram, who caught her by the arms while Aslam threw kerosene…

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