Your Daily Muslim: Mouna Diab

Your Daily Muslim

One of the most frequent complaints from Muslims and their leftist allies is about stereotyping: “but- but not all Muslims are terrorists!” Meet Mouna Diab. She’s an outspoken Muslim anti-stereotyping activist, involved community leader… and, ironically, weapon smuggler.

Diab (not to be confused with Diablo) is a 26-year-old Muslima from Quebec. When not using pieces of AR-15 assault rifles as dildos, she served as the vice president of the Association of Young Lebanese Muslims, where she was basically applauded for being batshit insane. She also engaged in Islamic taqiyya, or lying to preserve Islam, by speaking out about stereotyping of Muslims as violent and anti-western (which they are) while secretly smuggling funds and AR-15 parts to terror group Hezbollah.

In 2007, Diab organized a rally in Quebec to perform taqiyya – the purpose of the rally was to say that stoning women, which had been referenced in a Quebec city’s…

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