Stockton Voters To Decide On Sales Tax Benefiting For Law Enforcement, Bankruptcy

CBS Sacramento

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STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton voters will go to the polls on Tuesday and decide on a three-quarter-cent sales-tax increase that would help the bankrupt city start to right its ship.

If passed by more than 50 percent of voters, Measure A would increase Stockton’s sales tax to 9 percent. Measure B would tell city leaders to spend 65 percent of that new revenue on law enforcement, and 35 percent on getting out of bankruptcy.

Stockton measure a

City leaders say they would be forced to make drastic cuts, including closing all libraries and reducing fire department funding if Measure A fails.

“If the tax doesn’t pass, we are facing an $11 million deficit,” said City Councilman Michael Tubbs. “We’ve been cutting for the past four years. What else do we have to cut?”

But opponents aren’t sold on that argument, saying other cuts can be made through the…

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