A Tidal Wave of Rape and Molestation Washes up on the Shores of Delhi India

sharia unveiled

India Rape 1

by, Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled

With the rise of Islamic immigration into India, the young girls and women of Delhi have been forced onto the front lines of a true war on women.  Reported cases of rape have doubled in 2013 over last years totals.  As of 15October2013 there were 1,330 reported cases of rape in the capital city of Delhi alone.  This is up from 706 rapes in all of 2012.

Cases of molestation have skyrocketed as well.  There is a 400% increase in reported cases from 2012-2013.  In 2012, there were 727 reported cases of molestation in Delhi.  As of 15October2013, there have been 2,844 reported cases of molestation in the capital city.

Women are scared in India, and rightly so.  India has one of the oldest civilizations on earth and their primary religion is Hinduism.  Just over 80% of the population of India identifies themselves as…

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