Call Kurtis Investigates: Recycle Center ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Exposed

CBS Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the number of Californians who recycle has reached a record high, recycle centers have become big business — and they’re not all playing by the rules, a Call Kurtis undercover investigation has learned.

In fact, the most common tricks can be pretty easy to spot.

What is California Redemption Value?

The State of California imposes a redeemable 5- to 10-cent fee on most beverage containers sold — commonly referred to as California Redemption Value or CRV.

It’s meant to encourage recycling: If consumers recycle the cans and bottles they buy, they’ll get that CRV fee back from the state.

It’s led to the higest recycle rates ever in California — with more than 80 percent of containers sold being redeemed, according to CalRecycle.

“It’s more popular than ever,” the agency’s Mark Oldfield told Call Kurtis.

And that means more consumers are…

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