Rob Ford admits to buying illegal drugs while mayor, loses humiliating council vote 37 to 5

National Post | News

City council overwhelmingly voted to ask Rob Ford to step down as mayor to deal with his personal problems. The motion passed 37-5, with both Ford and his brother, Doug Ford, voting against it.

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Minutes before the vote, Ford shrugged his shoulders and said, “I effed up” and said there was nothing more he could say.

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• Council votes 37-5 for Rob Ford to step down
• Rob Ford attempts to introduce motion for drug tests for councillors, is laughed at
• Councillor Minnan-Wong says Ford physically stood in his way “in a threatening way” during debate
• Minnan-Wong to Ford: “have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? Ford: “Yes, I have”
• That information was passed on to police
• Thirty out of 44 city councillors sign open letter asking Mayor Ford to…

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