Saudi Arabia, The Most Intolerant Nation On Earth, Wants Other Countries To Have ‘More Tolerance’

The Muslim Issue

The viagra-popping, sex-crazed King Abdullah who rules the most racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic, cruel, oppressive, and barbaric nation on earth is promoting ‘dialogue between cultures to encourage greater tolerance’. King Abdullah has had over 30 wives, and has fathered more than 40 children. We can be quite certain that none of his wives have been permitted to marry 30 men.

Since 2007 King Abdullah, along with a rapid increase of Wahhabism around the world, has been promoting and marketing a “brotherly and sincere dialogue between believers from all religions.”

You can’t make this absurd drivel up.

What does this bigot Abdullah mean exactly? Does it mean he will encourage the co-existence of other faiths in his own country? Does it mean his kingdom will finally stop imprisoning and torturing converts to other faiths? Does it mean that he will now allow Churches, Temples and Synagogues to freely exist in Saudi…

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