Writing In The 730s A.D: ‘Kaaba Is The Head Of Aphrodite Whom They [Muslims] Worship And Kiss’

The Muslim Issue

Hoyland’s book is worth looking into: Seeing Islam as Others Saw It: A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam (Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam).
by Robert G. Hoyland

There may be a reason why the black stone and its frame in the Kaaba is shaped like a vagina common in ancient goddess worship. The known history of Mohammed reveals that he was born around 570 CE into a tribe of the Quraysh [known as Sons Of Korah/Korahites in the Bible], who not only worshiped the goddess Q’re but were the sworn guardians of her shrine.

In the Biblical times of the Old Testament the sons of the Korahite tribe came from a very aggressive and rebellious father but managed to survive his battles. The Korahites were a paternal house of the Kohathite Levites and descended from Korah through his three sons Assir…

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