How Brian Mulroney spearheaded Canadian push to end apartheid in South Africa and free Nelson Mandela

National Post | News

On June 18, 1990, exactly 127 days after he walked out of the gates of a South African prison, Nelson Mandela entered Canada’s House of Commons to thunderous cheers and applause.

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Statement issued Thursday by former prime minister Brian Mulroney:

Surrounded by his family, the beacon that was Nelson Mandela slowly faded to eternal peace in a Johannesburg hospital last night. A precious light has gone out in the world. Mila and I join with Graca Machel, his devoted family, and the millions who loved him in every corner of our world, in mourning this giant of our times.

Let us remember though, that nothing can extinguish the flame of freedom he lit in South Africa. Nothing will dim the power of his message of tolerance, of integrity, and statesmanship. It is hard to imagine how much poorer the world would be…

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