Hurricane-force winds hammer Britain with 230 km/h gusts as U.K. braces for worst floods since 1950s

National Post | News

LONDON — Hurricane-force gusts hit Britain on Thursday, disrupting air travel across Europe, halting trains and leaving tens of thousands of U.K. homes without electricity. Accidents linked to the storm killed two people.

Authorities evacuated some 10,000 homes along the eastern English coast after warning that the country could face its worst tidal surge in 60 years. The Thames Barrier — a series of huge metal plates that can be raised across the entire river — was being closed late Thursday to protect London from the surge.

Tidal floods — caused as the storm drives huge amounts of seawater toward the land — were expected in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, together with freezing high winds from Greenland.

The storm plowed into Scotland overnight, slamming the highlands with gusts up to 229-kilometres per hour. Trains were suspended for much of the day, but began to run fitfully later as some routes…

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