Nelson Mandela dies at 95: Former South African president loses long battle with illness

National Post | News

The world contains many thousands of political prisoners but in the last 50 years only one of them, Nelson Mandela, has turned his imprisonment into a tool to create political change and national liberty.

He accomplished this by intelligence, guile, patience, tolerance for his enemies — and a display of such majestic dignity he commanded the sympathy of the world, even the grudging sympathy of the white South Africans from whom he won power.

To a harsh, cold world he brought a strange and refreshing sweetness. News from Africa was almost always bad, just as it is today, but news involving him always carried a grace note of hope. His gift to  everyone was an unquenchable optimism, maintained in the face of appalling conditions. That, and quiet good humour.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued…

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