We’re ‘with you in the fight’: Top general reaches out to suicidal soldiers as PM weighs in on deaths

National Post | News

In a video message to military members on Wednesday night, Canada’s top soldier reached out to troops battling mental issues after a spate of apparent suicides in the armed forces in recent weeks.

“[A]ny, each, and every suicide is a tragedy, and the loss of any soldier is painful and heartbreaking to our men, women and families,” Gen. Tom Lawson said. “Although suicide is an international public health concern, for an organization like ours built on leadership, built on camaraderie and built on strength, it hits us especially hard.”

“…Just as you would expect to be helped by your colleagues on the battlefield if you were physically injured, your brothers and sisters in arms are with you in the fight against mental illness.”

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“In order for us to help each other, it’s essential that all military personnel like all Canadians recognize mental health issues as they develop.”

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