Serial rapist loses lawsuit after claiming he was beaten up because government let people know his crimes

National Post | News

A notorious serial rapist from Toronto has lost a lawsuit against Correctional Service Canada, after claiming he was beaten up because fellow prisoners learned about his crimes.

In the early summer of 2009, two inmates in a segregation wing of the Kingston Penitentiary named McPhail and Martin propped open a door and assaulted the man delivering cleaning supplies — Selva Kumar (Richard) Subbiah, then aged 48, who was most of the way through a sentence just shy of 25 years.

The beating was violent, but not medically serious. Subbiah, whose 30 known victims were young women aspiring to be models whom he drugged and raped, was treated at hospital for bruises and six superficial wounds. He had a CAT scan, got some Tylenol 3s, was told to eat soft food for a few days, and was back in his prison bunk that same night.

“He said he was terrified,” according…

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