Muslim pop have over 1,000% higher fascist inclination than Nazi’s when Hitler took office, ending in 60 mil deaths

The Muslim Issue

Muslim nazi’s with the SS Muslim Hanzar Division praying. Over 22,000 had been recruited by 1942.

Bosnian Muslim soldiers of the SS Khanjar Division, raised by Haj Amin al-Husseini, read a pamphlet entitled “Islam and Judaism” in 1943.

Muslim nazism on display in Iran.

When Germans validated the Nazi Party in 1933 only 2% of the German population were Nazis; in 1939 they were 6%. wikipedia.

Then WW2 happened and 60 million died.

The European Muslim population outshines the Nazi’s in fascist support today than even the Nazi supporters in volume during the Hitler era. Let’s look at statistics from Austria on the fascist ideology in Islam and surveys done with Islamic religious teachers and their students in the country to compare the Nazi situation in Austria to the situation in Europe today:

One in five teachers of Islam (21.9%) has a problem with democracy. And he or she even…

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